Although my two cats and two dogs might frequent this website often, I assure you that this blog is dedicated to my development as an artist and to inform you of up coming events and installments of my work.

Having been a photographer for a few years now, I will go ahead and assure you that this blog will be riddled with images. This comes as a relief to those of us who are only interested in books with pictures in them.

Relax, let me explain what you are reading. I am an artist, working in the fields of photography and sculpture. I would describe myself as a persistently progressive artist. Before I finish a body of work I am already thinking of the next photograph or sculpture I will be working on. Often I show my photographs and sculptures together as they are linked in purpose and idea.

BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition, May 2010

Currently I am working for the Low Road Gallery in Greencastle, IN as the assistant director. You can find other examples of my work at my website and get in touch with me directly through there.

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