I will reply soon Hiroshi

While I wait for Canon and Kodak to contact me about how I managed to create my own darkroom and pay me huge sums of money, I will go ahead and show it off. It has been years in the making, but finally this year I have finished creating my own darkroom. Funny thing about darkrooms if you are not familiar with them, the one requirement is that you in fact need a room to put it in. When I walked into my spare bathroom that just happens to be located in a dark basement that was no longer in use, my response could only have been, “What would Jerry Do?”

Sparing you the story of the long task of converting a bathroom into a darkroom, I will just let you know that you should just buy a new sink rather than reconstructing a sink bound for the dump.

Before I get emails from my die-hard fans(Hiroshi Sugimoto keeps telling me to reply back to him) I will admit that I am  back in the studio and darkroom developing film and working on my next body of work.

But most importantly I think you should know, that you need to be at the Sheldon Swope Art Museum on July 10th at 4 pm. The 66th Annual Wabash Valley Exhibit is only display this Saturday and it would be wonderful if you came out to see it. Every year the show displays a diverse body of work from great artists from around the area. Last year I walked away with an award that funded the  darkroom I have built. Can I manage to get another award this year? Maybe you should come out and see.

However, if you do need more information to find or locate the museum, you can also go to my contact page and submit your information and you will receive that very information. Not only that but you can subscribe to my blog and receive notices that way.