Upcoming Podcasts and the Low Road Gallery

During this summer I took over the role as Assistant Director at the Low Road Gallery in Greencastle. As part of this position I am to promote the gallery within the community and the surrounding cities. Posters and countless emails can only go so far to inform the public. Now I can announce to you that there will be a new way to keep up with the gallery, monthly podcasts. This means I will not only be taking over your public message boards and filling your spam folder on your email address, but I will be filling your iTunes account with my voice.

Starting next month I will be producing a monthly(maybe weekly if possible) to inform you of upcoming events

at the gallery and others around the area. These will contain informative interviews with artists and gallery events. But they would hardly be entertaining to listen to if I didn’t try to get the secrets out of the artists. I am certain that artists get their inspiration and ideas from the back of cereal boxes.

The source of art itself

Although I am very busy thinking of ways to make neat intro music in my GarageBand application on my computer for the podcast(Techno anyone?), I have begun to produce my next body of work that will be showing next in October at the Low Road Gallery as part of the Indiana Artist Series:2D.

Also, if you just so happen live in Madison, WI or if you would like to join me next month for an exhibit I will be in let me know. You can find more information at Photography Midwest: Seven State Exhibition, opening is September 24.

Honestly I do not add all of these links for my own amusement, you should be sure to click on all of them for your own health. So be sure to check my website for new updates and the new front page! Need a faster way to join my mailing list for updates on my podcast and to all kinds of spam from me? Just click this link to my contact page!