2D Artists Series Sneak Peek

For the 2D Indiana Artists Series next month, I wanted to approach the show with a concept I have been developing since the start of the summer. I brought my figurative forms from my sculptural work and included them as a brief installations in public spaces.

These photographs serve as the documentation of a moment between these figurative sculptures and the surrounding environment. I am most interested in the visual dialogue developed through those individuals passing by.

Each of the figurative sculptures captures an instant of human interaction. These forms are simplified and contain only what is necessary to begin a dialog. The figures frozen in the moment are unaware of the viewer, creating a physical and spatial relationship unique in the public’s domain. Interaction amongst the group creates the possibility for unique interpretations of the event.

The documentation serves to continue the interaction within the gallery, creating a new dialogue for you, the viewer, to interpret.

For information, check at the Low Road Gallery website and find out about other upcoming shows.