Graduate Applications

When you decide to apply for graduate school you should be aware that the process will take a few months away from your life.

I thought it might be a good idea to let you have a heads up on the amount of paper work and time required just to apply to one MFA program. Apart from the hours spent, the process is actually useful to help define yourself as an artist and articulate the purpose of your work. Before I began the process my artist statements were just as exciting as reading the Yellow Pages. However my statement is now so wonderful that I prepared to debut it to you for the first time.

As I am sure you are busy, I decided to edit the statement for time. Don’t worry though, all the essential information is still here.

I am sure you would want to know more about the application process though. I have selected some schools for graduate study so far, but they are top secret so you will have to settle for that.

They require a letter of recommendation from three professionals and peers that are familiar with my work. I am hoping the three I will be contacting soon could write well about me and how similar we are in our interests.


I choose these men due to their attributes that I find in appealing. Justin Timberlake has his artists talents, Justin Bieber has the charm to steal the hearts of young ladies, and Charles Schwab for his skills as an investment banker.

Be sure to check the updates and latest additions to my website and come back for more application information.


4 thoughts on “Graduate Applications

    • I think I started in July of 2010, mostly that was spent figuring out the statement of intent. By Dec 31 I had 0 finished and by Jan 5 I had all them completed. I really wish I was able to finish them months ago.

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