New Work: In Progress

When I began documenting my sculptural figures in public spaces, I knew I would have to revisit them in another environment. Although some of the figures will be reused throughout the images, the visual impact changes due to their location.



I chose to dimly light each figure to draw increased attention to the details of facial features and line of sight. The focus of my current direction of work creates man-made areas or forms that influence their surroundings. I am beginning this idea through using my sculptural forms I have previously used for gallery installations.


Not Brought to You by: Google SketchUp

Now its time to discuss some useful tools for the artist or designer on a budget. Since I have been using Google SketchUp recently in attempt to design the Low Road Gallery to aid artists in exhibition proposals, I thought I could share my brief experience.

Even if you are not familiar with the process of design architecture, building layouts, and CAD I would recommend downloading Google SketchUp. The program is very slick and has many tools to get your started on making simple layouts.

Within the program there is a way to download models created by other users for use in your own project. I was hoping to show you an interesting design by another user of the program, but unfortuntionetly I came up only with this:



Although I have shown you large scale buildings and rooms, there is plenty of options for you to use the program for small projects such as jewelery and craft design. The tools are flexible to allow minor changes and delicate manipulation of edges.

Still not sold on the program? Well there is no reason to worry about your investment, because Google SketchUp comes to you completely free. All you have to do is search for it through Google and you will easily locate it. I can even help you in this, just click on any of the times I mention Google SketchUp and you are there. And by my count, I have mentioned Google SketchUp a total of 6 times, therefore I will soon be billing the company soon.