A Year in Review

Looking back at what has become a fun body of work.

From all of these photos I have enjoyed the level of work that went into the original photographs. Although we may snicker at their over the top qualities, they were not as easy to create when I first worked on each one.

Most of these remakes come from silly jokes between friends and people I have been told I look like(Edward Cullen). Now however I am looking toward recreating these images in a higher finished quality or lack of quality. My ambitions have led me to new projects and ideas to digested the clutter of the internet and produce remakes of some of the finer points.

With graduate school in Portland, Oranje 2011 in Indianapolis, and some new equipment at my disposal I think we can all look forward to more work of this kind.

What can you expect in the coming year? Well lets look in the short term and you should expect something in 1/12 of that time.
Be sure to check out Oranje 2011 this year and you might see me around then! And seriously keep an eye on my main website for some updates.


Oranje 2011

Don’t miss out on Oranje 2011, or you just might miss me. Be sure to be around this coming year on September 17 in Indianapolis! FInd out more info about this years Oranje at www.oranjeindy.com.

Actually this is the work being shown, just modifying the old Oranje Posters.

There will be a few updates on my website soon about this and other treats that can’t be missed.